Donald tavoli alti

Square and rectangular high tables in laminated 6+6 mm extralight glass. The base is made from a thick mirror-polished stainless steel plate, topped by a volume in colored transparent glass, bonded at 45 °, on which the color blends and fades until it dissolves and vanishes. It is possible to choose either a version with degrading shade downwards or upwards. A version is available with either grey or orange degrading shades, or with a multi-chromatic effect, with the sides of the parallelepipes in different colors (yellow, orange, pink, red, green), which mix when overlapped with the transparency of the glass. The top, laid on the base, is joined to it thanks to an ingenious and refined interlocking system between mirror-polished stainless steel elements fixed to the glass.

L140  W140  H72
2D 3D
L150  W150  H72
2D 3D
L160  W160  H72
2D 3D
L230  W85  H72
2D 3D
L230  W90  H72
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L250  W90  H72
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