Collection comprising a bench, sofa, desks and small bookcase in transparent extralight, laminated and thermo-welded glass with elements of solid natural ash or dark brown oak at the outer edges of the supporting sides. A monochromatic version is available in transparent glass in the following finishes: extralight, clear grey, dark grey, lilac or sienna red. There is also a second version in two colours, still in transparent glass, available in two different combinations:

a) sienna red back, clear grey sides, top/seat.

b) lilac back, extralight sides and top/seat.

The bench is available only in the monochromatic version. The seats are supplied with a cushion in black or mélange grey 12mm thick felt. A panel in natural ash wood or in dark brown oak lays on the desks tops. The bookcase and the desks are available with cable outlet.

L141  W53  H74
L141  W53  H114
L101  W53  H161
L101  W53  H124
L141  W44  H84
L130  W43
L70  W51
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