Series of rectangular dining tables with 19 mm transparent glass top and 24 mm tempered transparent glass base. A beam, made of a single thick wooden piece, passes through the inclined edged holes of the glass base sheets, uniting and supporting them. Polished chromed metal wedges are inserted into the tapered holes on the wooden beam, firmly holding the glass sheets of the base and giving the table maximum stability and solidity. The beam, in solid oak, is available in two natural finishes: deeply brushed and wax finished or charred through a heat treatment. The feet and top supports are in polished chromed metal.

Comme l’eau et le feu, le mariage du verre et du bois lors d’un miracle technologique.

Like fire and water, the marriage of glass and wood in a technological miracle.


L220  W90  H74
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L240  W90  H74
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L250  W90  H74
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L220  W100  H74
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L240  W100  H74
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L250  W100  H74
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