Aladin Double Swing Slim Jambs Mono

Aladin Swing Slim Jambs Mono is a custom-made double swing door with slim telescopic profiles and adjustable hinges. A glass is applied on one side of an aluminum frame, so as to have a face with a flush surface and another surface rebated from the perimeter aluminum frame. The glass can be monolithic tempered 6mm or laminated 3+3mm, available in a very wide range of finishes. All the glass is certified according to the ANSI Z97.1 and UNI EN12150 safety standards. There are stoneware and wood veneer doors in different finishes as well. It is possible to mount different types of closure and a choice of handles or knobs which, like the stop profiles, are supplied in the same color as the frame. The single door is also available in a flush-to-ceiling version. The entire handle unit is treated with a special sanitizing coating (tested according to ISO 22196: 2011standard) which, by countering the bacterial proliferation, guarantees maximum hygiene and surface cleanliness.

*not all finishes are available for this model, consult the price list.