Shelves, consoles and low tables completely made of a special green or extra-clear double-sided acid-etched glass. Each item is a composition of interlocked and overlapping glass sheets which, through a special bonding method, give shape to pure and refined sculptural furnishing elements characterized by a rigorous form. 


Small desk composed by stacking smoked crystal 'boxes'. The top box is fitted with a solid wood drawer; the other two can be used as as storage compartments.

Crystal Stool

“C’est bon d’être assis, ma d’être n’assis sur rien est plus poétique.” Ph.S

Stool or side table made entirely of crystal, with high load resistance and masterfully resolved details. 


Console featuring refined and innovative technical and aesthetic-decorative solutions, with a curved storage element and a capacious drawer in glossy lacquered glass.


“Comme l’eau et le feu, le mariage du verre et du bois lors d’un miracle technologique" Ph.S 

Rectangular dining tables with 19 mm transparent glass top and 24 mm tempered transparent glass base. A beam, made of a single thick wooden piece, joins and supports them thanks to a solid interlocking system.


Series of high and low tables, and console made of a special conglomerate of 100% recycled glass grit and glass shards. Each piece is hand-made and characterized by an irregular surface and geometry, featuring an organic and unique appearance. 


“Je me sens un peu surréelle et convex" Ph.S 

Concave or convex mirrors with a frame that reflects images, distorting them in unexpected ways.


Series of glass open storage units. The external surface has a special mirrored finish, while the internal surface is in opaque mirror, which reflects the images in a blurry and undefined way.


Console and low table completely covered by a mosaic of cast glass tiles in various and random colours. The tiles are shaped and positioned so that the surface reproduces the axonometric projection of a parallelepiped element.