Glas Italia at the Quirinale Palace

"Quirinale Contemporaneo" 2020-2021 edition

The 2020-2021 edition of the "Quirinale Contemporaneo" project was inaugurated on Thursday 29th September at the Quirinale Palace, with a speech and a greeting held by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.


It has been a great honor for Glas Italia to have been selected and to have been able to offer its contribution to the project with the donation of three mirrors from the COSMOS collection designed by Nanda Vigo in 1981, which starting from today will have a beautiful display in the rooms of the Quirinale.


“Quirinale Contemporaneo” aims to expand and update the artistic heritage and decorative structure of the Quirinale, which dates back to the Pontificial and Savoy time, exhibiting contemporary works of art and design objects, included in the visit itinerary of the Palace and thus made accessible to visitors from all over the world.


A project aiming to contribute to the representation and narration of the Italian national identity, capable of placing itself in a happy and fruitful equilibrium between the preservation of tradition and antiquity and a necessary spirit of innovation and planning for the future.


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